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BuzzBash 2022 at Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa

Birthday Celebration for Jena Menace featuring Anarchy Taco, Love Canal, Decry, Mesa Lanes, and Hi Fi Murder

by Brian Coakley
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April 30, 2022

Hi Fi MurderMesa LanesDecryLove CanalAnarchy Taco

The BuzzBash at The Tiki Bar was really fun! So many friends. So many bands. Record labels, artists and photographers! The evening was kicked off with Hi Fi Murder, I’m glad I was able to catch them… great band to kick off the BuzzBash. Cool tunes and a great vibe.

Mesa Lanes were so good and fun! I’ve been watching Nicky Norman Sjobeck play for decades and I really dig the style of punk rock Mesa Lanes plays. Nick sings a few songs and then he brings his daughter Audrey Sjobeck up and it shifts a gear! Audrey blew me away, I’m not going to lie! She’s got something very few entertainers have. I’m not sure what “it” is but she has it! (She’s on the upcoming Mesa Lanes album and has also got a solo album out so keep an eye on her)

Decry played a ripping set filled with classics and many from the Hostage Records upcoming release! The new tunes are both smart and powerful!! Farrell Holtz has been a pillar of the punk rock scene since the very early 80s and they are still way more than relevant!

Love Canal was so powerful and tight and rad as only they can be! John Bosco and Arab have been doing this for so long it’s effortless and as always the songs are great and sound great! Their drummer Steve Dirt has alway been a monster on the drums!

Anarchy Taco is always just fun as shit! You can’t hear those early Vandals tunes and not smile and move around!
The night was super fun and hopefully fun for Jena (who’s birthday 🎂 bash it was) and for Ricky who jumped up on stage with Decry! It’s a lot of work to put on a show like that and from this guy’s perspective it was a great success!

Brian Coakley,
– 13 Stitches Magazine


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