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Old Firm Casuals, Charger, and The Vulturas at Chain Reaction in Anaheim

by Sarah Tonin
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Old Firm Casuals

Concert Photography of Old Firm Casuals, Charger, and The Vulturas at Chain Reaction in Anaheim

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Old Firm Casuals, featuring Lars Frederiksen of Rancid, headlined a killer lineup at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. An incredibly tight street punk band, Old Firm Casuals rocked the small venue. Lars mentioned that this was the first O.C. venue Old Firm Casuals played back in 2011. Chain Reaction offered a good size stage area, solid sound quality, and an intimate bar atmosphere that set the groundwork for a memorable show. Lars’ love for playing music is obvious and his witty banter and charming smile elevated the show to an almost backyard jam session among friends. Matt Freeman, also of Rancid, on bass and vocals with his band Charger. The night’s lineup featured some legendary musicians in a truly intimate setting. Freeman’s Motorhead inspired Charger was both a nod to the genius of Lemmy Kilmister and a showcase of the individual talent of each of the members of Charger. With two bands of such high caliber and obvious expectation from the crowd, what band could possibly fill the shoes of opener other than The Vulturas. The Vulturas endless energy is contagious, they are a must see! Singer, Louie Perez III wasted no time ramping up the energy in the room by joining the crowd in the pit while Rob Milucky (Devil’s Brigade) on guitar delivered an impassioned set. If The Vulturas can’t energize a crowd, no one can. This lineup was amazing, a string of fun and motivated bands striving to reach their audience on a personal level.


Band Members: Lars Frederiksen (Guitar & Vocals), Casey Watson (Bass & Vocals), Paul Rivas (Drums & Vocals), Gabe Gavriloff (Guitar)

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Band Members: Jason Willer (drums), Matt Freeman (bass guitar), Andrew McGee (guitar)

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Band Members: Rob Milucky (Guitar), Louie Perez III (Vocals), Shane Strange (Bass), and Eric Fuller (Drums)

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– Sarah Tonin
13 Stitches Magazine

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