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Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, and The Bronx – Legendary Show!

Boston to Berkeley Tour Hitting the Observatory’s New Outdoor Theater with a Vengeance

by Sarah Tonin
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Boston to Berkeley

Rancid | Dropkick Murphys | The Bronx

The Boston to Berkeley Tour was one of those shows that checks every box. The crowd was brimming with energy and the bands fed off it all night. The night kicked off with The Bronx, a high energy punk band who knows how to set the crowd up for a night of rowdy mischief. Dropkick Murphys came out of the gate on a mission and maintained a fast-paced tone throughout their long and genuinely engaging set that consisted of all the favorites (including I’m Shipping Up To Boston and Rose Tattoo). By the time Rancid took the stage the concert-hungry crowd was teeming with excitement and ready to be moved to sing, dance, and reconnect… and that is exactly what they did. 25 songs deep, Rancid played one of their best sets to date, with several songs from the …And Out Come the Wolves album. It was a great performance that included nearly every song that you would add to your dream punk rock set list.

Rancid did not miss a single moment to tell the fans how much they are appreciated, to revel in the opportunity to be live on stage again, and to show off their mastery of the music and the stage presence that we have all come to associate with Rancid. With the announcement of a new album debuting soon, they gave us a sampling by playing a new song from the upcoming album… it sounded amazing! Rancid featured songs from a few different albums, all while providing commentary and stories to help maintain a timeline of their career as a band. Every band was tight and professional, and there was not a single moment that fell short of amazing. If you missed it, you blew it, it’s that simple.

Let’s talk about the venue for a minute, last Saturday the Observatory OC in Santa Ana, Ca. was a very different place than what we would normally associate with our favorite local concert location. For starters, the stage was in the main parking lot. Large and professional, the stage and the venue had the feel of a festival with enough bars to ensure you never stood in line and several food trucks to satisfy your cravings. Open air, the venue managed to perfect the sound and lights as if they’d been putting on outdoor concerts forever. The protocol to enter was tight, ensuring COVID health checks and on the spot testing for those without the proper paperwork. Security was heavy, but polite, and allowed for a loose feeling event that encouraged crowd participation in every facet of the evening. South Orange County, live music is back, and punk rock fans are ready to party!

– Sarah Tonin
13 Stitches Magazine


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Rancid Setlist

Roots Radicals
Olympia WA.
Maxwell Murder
Black & Blue
Journey to the End of the East Bay
St. Mary
East Bay Night
Listed M.I.A.
Ghost of a Chance
Telegraph Avenue
Where I’m Going
Old Friend
The Wars End
(Lars Solo)
Something in the World Today
Side Kick
Fall Back Down
Avenues & Alleyways
Time Bomb
Ruby Soho


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