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Two Tens – Echoplex – 2016

by 13 Stitches Magazine
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Two Tens Get An Eleven

Loaded with Charisma! It is impossible to be at a Two Tens show and not get pulled in by the infectious smiles of Rikki Styxx and the endless energy of Adam Bones. Even while I was waiting outside during the sound check, I was talking with security and we couldn’t stop talking about how great a drummer Rikki is, we could hear her thrashing away on the skins from the parking lot. It’s always amazing when you see a talented group of two musicians give such a strong performance that comes off bigger and more powerful than groups with a full stage of musicians. Groups like White Stripes and and Royal Blood are known for having a dominating energy and vibrant performance like this and you can see that there are similarities with the Two Tens. I like the heavier, Ramones style songs in their set, but every song is infectious and fun. Adam jumps around during the entire performance, kicking and arching recklessly as he draws the audience in with powerful guitar licks. His range drives from catchy 70/80’s style riffs to full blown distorted chords. After the show I hit the merchandise booth to talk with Two Tens – I showered Rikki with a few complements and then I load up on t-shirts and a vinyl copy of Volume. I can’t wait to bring my music-loving kids to the show the next time they are in town!

John Mairs –
13 Stitches Magazine

CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY – Two Tens performing at the Echoplex in Los Angeles – September 20, 2016. Photo gallery features images from the show. If you were at the show be sure to submit a user review!

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