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Warfest 2022 – Agent Orange, TSOL, Authority Zero, Amerikan Made, Dissension, CH3, Infamous Stiffs

Warfest 2022 at The Gaslamp Restaurant & Bar in Long Beach

by Madison Mairs
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Agent Orange


April 23-24, 2022

Agent OrangeT.S.O.L.Authority ZeroAmerikan MadeDissensionChannel 3Infamous StiffsThe Clowns

Dissension (Long Beach) really got the show launched off for us, it was our first chance to catch up with them since the release of their album Amazing Disgrace. Dissension is a local hardcore punk band from the Long Beach area and they drew a huge crowd to the event. Their set sounded great and really energized everyone at The Gaslamp.

Amerikan Made started their performance off by talking to the audience a lot, this helped to get people engaged in their set. I always love seeing Amerikan Made live… super talented and great music. (Oh yeah, thank you for the breath mint!)

By the time Authority Zero took the stage, the venue was pretty much jam-packed, not an empty seat/space in the entire building. The bar was really getting slammed with anxious fans and the tables were filled with happy fans and families… all enjoying great music and some delicious food and drink (As a vegetarian, I’m a fan of the Buffalo Cauliflower). Authority Zero really sounded great, way faster and more punk than what you typically hear on their album or on the radio…  which I really enjoyed.

We were all waiting in anticipation for T.S.O.L. and they sounded great! It seemed like the sound at The Gaslamp was a challenge for every band (some were able to negotiate the challenge better than others), T.S.O.L. really sounded great! Jack, the lead singer, in his signature cool suit, had some witty comments for the crowd. It was like getting a stand-up comedy show in between the songs. The crowd loved T.S.O.L., some of the teenagers were running up on the stage and jumping off from every angle (not sure where they landed)! T.S.O.L. had a moment where they insisted on an all-girl pit which the ladies went crazy for, kicking out any male who got remotely close to joining the mashing. Everyone was smiling for the entirety of the performance.

In preparation for the final band of the night, fans were pushing to the front to ensure a prime location for Agent Orange! Agent Orange had some sweet skateboard decks at their merch booth and sold out before they even went on stage, just showing the loads of support they had from this crowd. Although they struggled with some sound issues in the beginning (making it hard to hear the singer), they had a great playlist, the crowd really loved Agent Orange.

Warfest was really fun! We were there both nights, we didn’t want to miss any bands, as the lineups were slightly different. We wanted to make sure we didn’t miss The Clowns, Infamous Stiffs, CH3, Quazimofo, Spider, and the Dickies! It was a great Long Beach show, I hope you didn’t miss it!

– Madison Mairs
(13 Stitches Magazine)



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