Home Concert Review Adolescents, Union 13, The Vulturas, Melted at the Commissary Lounge in Costa Mesa

Adolescents, Union 13, The Vulturas, Melted at the Commissary Lounge in Costa Mesa

by Sarah Tonin
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Adolescents, Union 13, The Vulturas, Melted

Commissary Lounge in Costa Mesa

The Adolescents are a punk rock band from right here in Orange County (Fullerton, CA). Although the band has had a revolving line-up of amazing punk rock musicians, Tony has consistently fronted the Adolescents since 1980. I have seen Adolescents many times and they always bring amazing songs and talent to every show. This night at the Commissary Lounge was no exception, they had an amazing set-list full of some great early-on classics as well as the favorites that we love to hear every time we see them. We will always miss and remember Steve Soto who was with the band through every phase of their career… thank you Brad Logan (bassist from Leftover Crack) for doing such an amazing job in his absence. 

Band Members: Tony Reflex (lead vocals), Dan Root (guitar), Ian Taylor (rhythm guitar), Brad Logan (bass guitar), Mike Cambra (drums)

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I see Union 13’s large following and I get it, the energy and enthusiasm of this band is amazing. Union 13 inspires nostalgia, they reminded me of an out of key garage band with great guitar riffs. I can appreciate this Latino punk band that came out of East Los Angeles’ vibrant alternative rock scene back in the ’90s. Union 13 originally formed in 1992 and at the time they started out by playing backyard parties. I’m looking forward to seeing them again!

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Louie Perez was in rare form with his gas mask and hazmat suit (in light of the Coronavirus news). Wasting no time in getting the crowd fired up by jumping into the center of the pit, Perez inspired the large room at the Commissary Lounge in Costa Mesa to move up to the front and partake in a healthy circle pit. The Vulturas were on, showing up as the tight and solid band that we’ve grown to expect. This band is a gem, deserving of props, support, and many, many more gigs. Let’s get them in the headlining spot, they’ve earned it!

Band Members: Rob Milucky (Guitar), Louie Perez III (Vocals), Shane Strange (Bass), and Eric Fuller (Drums)

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Long Beach locals, Melted came out hard at the Commissary in Costa Mesa on Saturday night. Melted is fun, with the heart to turn a few more gigs into something worthy of longterm staying power on the punk scene. Sick of pop-punk bands? Melted’s weird and unpolished sound is a very welcome change of pace. Thank you Melted, you reminded me of the rush that raw and unpolished punk provides, one 45 second song at a time.

Band Members: Justin E (Guitar / Vocals), Sam M (Drums), Thomas P (Bass), Chuck C (Vocals)

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– Sarah Tonin and John Mairs
13 Stitches Magazine

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