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CUIDADO – Debut LP ‘Don’t Wreck My Attitude’

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CUIDADO – Debut LP ‘Don’t Wreck My Attitude’

CUIDADO, based out of Boston Massachusetts, formed after the passing of Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys. David McWane vocalist of CUIDADO, who also played drums on the LP and who is better known as the vocalist of Boston punk-ska band Big D and the Kids Table says – “Adam moving on was hard to except; Adam had inspired so many people with his attitude, lyrics and signature bass sound/playing. CUIDADO’s LP ‘Don’t Wreck My Attitude’ is an homage to Adam and also to Mark Sandman of Morphine – another loss for the music scene who moved on in 1999.” Described as Beastie punk with Morphine styled sax. The inspirational Dana Colley of Morphine teamed up with McWane and the rest of CUIDADO to bring his original sound to the album.

CUIDADO brings deep low power to punk rock and thrash with not only their lead instrument – distorted bass, but also two baritone saxophones and one bass saxophone. Tracks like ‘Spirit’ bring a Bad Brains style to the release, while ‘Leave Me Alone’ and ‘Don’t Wreck My Attitude’ are reminiscent of a more 90’s fueled power. CUIDADO’s debut LP is just that – power. However, tracks like ‘Cramp Your Style’, ‘Rollercoaster Puke’ and ‘Voluntary Douche’ bring a lighter humor reminiscent of The Dead Milkman and Ramones. ‘GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, CATS’ touches upon America’s two favorite things and ‘They’re All Mixed Up’ speaks upon the current brainwashing of extremist Americans. Two instrumental tracks bring back the Bad Brains inspiration and a fun cover of ‘Middle’ from Rocket From The Crypt truly makes ‘Don’t Wreck My Attitude’ an eclectic LP with an originally brash center.

‘Don’t Wreck My Attitude’ was recorded at Getaway recording by Jay Maas. The songs were recorded in a live, forever freeing back room, with only overdubs for vocals and sound art. Before, inside and after the tracks on this creative LP one will find trippy (to say the least) sound art from English children playing, to the sounds of a simple walk through Flat Bush, New York. All of these samples are direct from vinyl or have been recorded by David McWane as he strolls through life. McWane says – “I have always been a lover of sounds – cutting, layering, ultra panning – I just love to create sounds that have never been put together before. Like for me, I want to have someone sitting in the back of their friend’s car, weirded out by what is blasting and have them say, “what the hell is this?”. McWane goes on – “We wanted to make a bare-bones trashy, punk LP, but have it filled with all the other things that we CUIDADO love and that’s sound art, instrumental tracks, power and a laugh.”

CUIDADO hit the clubs playing with such iconic bands as ‘FEAR’ and ‘MDC’. “We here at CUIDADO want to show people that punk can me more than just a commercial hit”.


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