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Damaged / The Hymen Blasters / Yeastie Boys / Throw The Goat

by 13 Stitches Magazine
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Damaged / The Hymen Blasters / Yeastie Boys / Throw The Goat

World Famous Doll Hut

Anaheim – Saturday, July 28, 2018

DAMAGED BAND MEMBERS: Diego (Vocals), The Dread Pirate Roberts (Bass), Goose (Guitar), Jay Fritz (Guitar), and Cris S. (Drums)

Damaged Wfdh 2018 13Damaged Wfdh 2018 2Damaged Wfdh 2018 5Damaged Wfdh 2018 10Damaged Wfdh 2018 12Damaged Wfdh 2018 3 1Damaged Wfdh 2018 11Damaged Wfdh 2018 8Damaged Wfdh 2018 9Damaged Wfdh 2018 14Damaged Wfdh 2018 17Damaged Wfdh 2018 16Damaged Wfdh 2018 1


THE HYMEN BLASTERS BAND MEMBERS: David Lavine (Vocals), Rich Goodin (Guitars), Lamar Miles (Bass), Aaron Abelt (Drums)

The Hymen Blasters Wfdh 2018 5The Hymen Blasters Wfdh 2018 2The Hymen Blasters Wfdh 2018 3The Hymen Blasters Wfdh 2018 6The Hymen Blasters Wfdh 2018 8The Hymen Blasters Wfdh 2018 4The Hymen Blasters Wfdh 2018 7


YEASTIE BOYS: Dirt Williams, Jay O’Clownovan, Joey Clownfino, CottonCandy Andy, Mikey Clownball, Clowney Royer, Ginger Sweetness-Dreyfus, Pat Clown, Vinny DaClown, Punkko, Ronald McClownface, Rikk-0, Jeremy BrownClown, S.S. HausClown, Dinah Clowner, Shane McClownin’, Chunkko, Geesus Sparkles, Korndog Kelly, Clownhooley, Jen ‘sweetcheeks’ Dolce, Skytzo, Capt. Fruitcake, Sunshine the Happy Clown

Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 6Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 5Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 3Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 1Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 4Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 9Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 10Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 2Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 7Yeastie Boys Wfdh 2018 8


THROW THE GOAT BAND MEMBERS: Michael Schnalzer (Bass, Lead Vox), Brian “Puke” Parnell (Guitar, Vox), and Troy Whitford (Drums)

Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 5Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 9Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 1Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 6Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 7Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 8Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 3Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 10Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 11Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 12Throw The Goat Wfdh 2018 4


– John Mairs
13 Stitches Magazine

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