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DRI – Gaslamp 2015 – Warfest

by Sarah Tonin
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Warfest, 2015
November 1, 2015
Gaslamp, Long Beach

Thrash-punk crossover band, D.R.I. kicked the Sunday night die-hard crowd into high gear as the headlining band at Warfest, 2015. D.R.I. was met by with enthusiasm at the intimate and welcoming Gaslamp in Long Beach. This little restaurant/bar had an awesome group of hardcore fans, fast bartenders, and the coolest bouncers in town. Before the show even started the energy was building after set lists were handed to several club goers, ramping up the pre-set chatter and anticipation. D.R.I. ripped into their set from the first chord, matching intense sound with an equally intense stage presence. Thank you D.R.I. for including one of my favorites in your set, “Suit and Tie Guy” (4 of a Kind, Metal Blade Records, 1988). And, new song, “Against Me” (check out the awesome video on YouTube), proved that D.R.I. still has what it takes to be a premier Thrash band. But I have to say the greatest response I’ve seen from a crowd in a while came with a burst of slamming and Thrash camaraderie when the band broke into “As Seen On TV” half way through their set, setting the tone for unstoppable slam action in the pit for the remainder of D.R.I.’s high energy, full personality show. 13 Stitches Magazine would welcome new drummer, Walter Ryan to the band, you kicked ass! If you haven’t seen D.R.I. in a while, check them out, you’ll have to grin in remembrance of the good old days, then get off your ass and go see a show. Keep in mind, the pit at a D.R.I. show is not for the beginner, maybe not even for the seasoned vet (if you’re too seasoned, if you know what I mean old man), leave it to the 20 something’s to get their asses kicked in the name of a good D.R.I. riff.

A bruised, but stoked,
Sarah Tonin –
13 Stitches Magazine Reviewer

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