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“I’m A Gun” Is the Third 7-Inch by Phoenix, Arizona Punks The Blankz

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“I’m A Gun” Is the Third 7-Inch by Phoenix, Arizona Punks The Blankz

Record Drops on Friday, September 14, 2018

Lyric video for the song will be added to MTV’s indie playlist for rotation the whole month of September.

Slope Records announces third new 7-inch in a series of nine total by Phoenix punks, The Blankz. The record drops September 14th. Once all nine in the series have been issued a full length compilation comprised of the singles plus their artwork will come out. “I’m A Gun” will be available as CD, 7-inch vinyl, cassette and digital download.

Tommy Blank, band co-founder and frontman says “the video and song may be controversial for some, but I feel it’s the strongest tune and video we have done to date. Hopefully it gets a reaction. Gives people something to think about. Something to figure out.” Slope Records A&R man, Tom Reardon adds “‘I’m A Gun” (b/w “Bad Boy”) is a double entendre filled with enough innuendo to load a full clip into any six shooter, semi-auto (erotic), or machine gun. We stand behind this record and look forward to people’s reactions.”
The Blankz are a newly founded punk, new wave, power pop, band based in Phoenix. They count artists like Devo, Ramones, and The Spits as their influences. Band members are Tommy Blank on vocals, Jaime Blank on guitar, Nikki Blank (The Darts) on synthesizer, Andy Blank on bass and Johnny Blank on drums. Slope Records calls the band’s sound “glam drenched punk wave with a bit of trashy garage rock thrown on top.” Sample lyrics from the title track include “I’m a gun and I’m pointed right at you. I’m a gun and I’m gunna shoot you. You’re gunna feel me deep inside. There ain’t no place you can hide.”

“I’m A Gun” was recorded and engineered by Chris Schultz at WaveLab Tucson, Arizona. It was mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado. Album art and design by Mike Fisher and band photos were shot by longtime friend, Joseph Cultice. Music video for “I’m A Gun” was directed and edited by Tom Pappalardo.

The Duff Guide in NYC writes “There’s a brilliant purity to The Blankz’s sweetly dopey and immensely fun late ’70s/early ’80s New Wave-ish American punk (think a combo of early Devo, first-three-albums Ramones–each member’s last name is Blank, too!–and bands from the LA/San Francisco punk scenes, like The Zeros, The Normals, The Bags, The Units, The Offs, your fave band here, etc.).”

And the PunkSite says “…this is punk rock that is perfectly blended with early new wave, the a-side possess a frantic Ramones-esque riff makes you want to do exactly what it says on the sleeve. The flip side, “Baby’s Turning Blue,” should come as no surprise, it’s more of what The Blankz do so well…”

Mike Watt (Minutemen, Unknown Instructors, Iggy & The Stooges) recently interviewed the band for his iTunes Podcast, The Watt From Pedro Show, in which he digs deep into Jaime and Tommy Blankz’s musical roots. The interview is archived on the podcast page.

Slope Records is a Phoenix, Arizona based (mainly) vinyl record label founded in 2015. Started by Phoenix native, Thomas Lopez, the label caters to fans and collectors of first-wave punk as well as contemporary hardcore, garage, psych, and rock ‘n’ roll acts. All records are pressed on highest quality vinyl and the packaging is designed with vinyl aficionados in mind. In addition to their commitment to quality, the label is dedicated to tirelessly promoting the music they love and curating the history of the scene that made Slope possible in the first place. Slope Records are purveyors of independent disruptive punk rock with releases by artists such as the Exterminators, Feederz, The Bulemics, Fuckemos, The Father Figures, Cocky Bitches, The Linecutters and many others.

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