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Kat Meoz Releases New EP ‘Here I Wait’

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Kat Meoz Releases New EP ‘Here I Wait’

LA garage rocker Kat Meoz has released her new EP ‘Here I Wait.’

Stream: http://spoti.fi/2EbJEgt
Purchase: https://apple.co/2EdCBbs

The EP has been garnering heavy airplay by the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer on his nationally syndicated show The Underground Garage on SiriusXM and features the singles, “Here I Wait” and “Conquest”.

The video for “Here I Wait” can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0cA8MnkD9I

PopMatters recently praised the song for its “noisy, angry slab of guitar-driven rock that summons comparisons to PJ Harvey in her earliest, nastiest era”.

Kat recently celebrated the release of the EP with a free show at LA’s the Satellite on Feb. 12.

Kat AlbumMeoz on the creation of the EP:

The Here I Wait EP’s title track came from a dream, it was a ballad that had a similar feel to Etta James’s “At Last.” After playing it out at that tempo a few times I got together one on one with a drummer who I don’t normally play with. I was just messing around with riffs when I decided to start playing something I knew all the way through, only I played it a lot faster and I got excited about his drum instincts over the instrumental hook. I played it out for two years before recording it and always got the most comments on it after finishing.

In 2015, my old bassist’s girlfriend was standing outside a venue we were about to play, smoking a cigarette in a leather jacket and looking very “Grease” like. I jokingly started singing the lyrics “I’ve got chills they’re multiplying” to her and then for a couple days the song just wouldn’t get out of my head. I’d been wanting to do a random cover and once I had an alternate melody idea there was no looking back. “Conquest” and “Bad Moon” were both written out of heartbreak and disappointment. I tried to spin my disgust with one guy into thinking he was “just a conquest” even though I really felt like I could have loved him if he’d given us a chance. “Bad Moon” was written after running into an ex the night of a full moon, some people you just never want to see again, that was him and that was a bad moon…

I think this EP is a natural follow up to the LA Don’t Love You EP, I think there is a similarity in power and hookiness with a new heaviness to the guitars that I personally enjoy and hope others will too. I pushed my vocals on this EP to reflect the type of sing/screaming I do live, I’m happy with the performance overall and I’m glad I chose these four. They flow well together and I have 6 songs I didn’t release that I am reworking now for the future.

Kat Meoz has found a truly solid combination of quick guitars, devil-may-care bass grooves, and thrilling drum-work which holds on and doesn’t let go. Her remarkably clean vocal chops ride effortlessly in her band’s garage rock air, exuding an infectious energy which you can’t help but enjoy. The band’s latest EP, Here I Wait, feels like a classic; a well-worn jacket that gets better with time. The title track is a rock n’ roll experience, tastefully hued with bluesy moments yet has a definitively high voltage delivery.

Further proving the talent that comes out of LA, the band’s live performance is as energizing as their singles. Kat Meoz has been compared to Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, and Brody Dalle yet she possesses a unique air in her vocal delivery that brings Sleater Kinney’s Corin Tucker to mind too.


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