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Naked Aggression, The Last Gang, and Melted at the Commissary Lounge in Costa Mesa

by 13 Stitches Magazine
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Naked Aggression

Naked Aggression, The Last Gang, and Melted
at the Commissary Lounge in Costa Mesa

Thursday, February 6th, 2020


This was the first time I’ve been to the Commissary Lounge in Costa Mesa, so here are my first impressions of the venue. The location was good, as I’m driving from San Clemente, it was a 30 minute drive on the toll road and then I was pretty much there. Parking was more work than the drive, however, that is probably because I didn’t pull into the correct driveway, I ended up parking way down the street (careful not to park anywhere I’d get a ticket). When I first walked into the club, I was surprised to see how big it was, there is a lot of space. There is a room off to the side filled with some great pinball machines and vintage video games, so if you just want to hang back and kill Gallaga aliens while listening to great music, you can! There are also little tables and soft, padded seats set up on each side of the main floor area. The stage is small, set up toward the back of the lounge and there is plenty of space for the audience on the main floor. I would love to see some better stage lighting, but maybe that is something that will happen in the near future (please). So my impressions are all pretty positive, but lets be fair, there were 3 really great bands playing! Melted is a great band with energy and intensity, they were a great band to get the evening started because their music is sweet and they fucking rip! I was really looking forward to seeing The Last Gang, the last time I saw them at The Observatory was a treat, so I was deinitely looking foward to seeing them at a smaller venue like the Commissary Lounge. They did not disappoint, lead singer Brenna brought the crowd in close,  everyone was engaged. Finally, Naked Aggression got on stage and the audience was turned up a notch. Circle pits, fist pumps, and singing along! All in all, I am really liking the venue and I’m looking forward to the next show!


Band Members: Kristin Patches (Lead Vocals), Aaron Austin (Drums), Meghan Mattox (Bass Guitar/Vocals), Craig Cano (Guitar/Vocals)


Band Members: Brenna Red (Guitar & Vocals), Robby Wantland (Drums), Sean Viele (Bass), and Kenneth Smasheth (Guitar)


Band Members: Justin E (Guitar / Vocals), Sam M (Drums), Thomas P (Bass), Chuck C (Vocals)


John Mairs
– 13 Stitches Magazine

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