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Plague Vendor at the Music Box in San Diego

by Steve Allen
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Plague Vendor

Plague Vendor

June 12th, 2019

Music Box in San Diego


This was my first time at the Music Box in San Diego, it’s a beautiful room with a nice big stage. The crowd filing in seemed happy but lifeless… that was about to change. Soon, people were going to open their eyes!

Opening with Black Sap Scriptures, Plague Vendor wasted no time letting them know it’s time to WAKE UP. From there they continued with 3 more songs from Bloodsweat then covered their new release By Night in its entirety and in order, before finishing off with their tried and true I Only Speak In Friction and Locomotive.

Their newest release, By Night, was released on June 7th. I thought I may be one of a few freaks that have already listened to it 100 or more times. Seriously it’s been on repeat EVERY day. However, I was happy to see there were many others like me that seem to already know the lyrics. Brandon even referred to them as the “choir”.

They’re off to Europe but will be back, go see them and skip the coffee. You’ll be fine.


PLAGUE VENDOR BAND MEMBERS: Brandon Blaine (Vocals), Michael Perez (Bass), Luke Perine (Drums and Percussion), Jay Rogers (Guitar)



Black Sap Scripture
Ox Blood
No Bounty
——–Begin By Night——
New Comedown
Nothing’s Wrong
All Of The Above
Let Me Get High/Low
White Wall
Night Sweats
Pain In My Heart
Snakeskin Boots
In My Pocket
——End By Night—-
I Only Speak IN Friction

Plague Vendor is touring in support of their newly released CD “By Night” released on June 7th 2019 on Epitaph


– Steve Allen
13 Stitches Magazine
(Contributing Photographer)

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