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Scallywag Fest in San Diego featuring Rancid

by 13 Stitches Magazine
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Scallywag Fest at Waterfront Park

San Diego – Saturday, October 20, 2018

RANCID BAND MEMBERS: Tim Armstrong (Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Matt Freeman (Bass, Vocals), Lars Frederiksen (Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Vocals), Branden Steineckert (Drums, Percussion)


1. Radio
2. Roots Radicals
3. Journey to the End of the East Bay
4. Maxwell Murder
5. The 11th Hour
6. Nihilism
7. East Bay Night
8. Dead Bodies
9. Ghost of a Chance
10. Telegraph Avenue
11. Old Friend
12. Where I’m Going
13. Salvation
14. Bloodclot
15. Olympia WA.
16. It’s Quite Alright
17. Buddy
18. Fall Back Down
19. Time Bomb
20. Ruby Soho



The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES BAND MEMBERS: Dicky Barrett (Lead Vocals), Tim “Johnny Vegas” Burton (Tenor Saxophone, Backing Vocals), Ben Carr (Dancer, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Tour Manager and “Bosstone”), Joe Gittleman (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), Joe Sirois (Drums and Percussion), Lawrence Katz (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Chris Rhodes (Trombone, Backing Vocals), John Goetchius (Keyboards), Leon Silva (Saxophone, Backing Vocals)




HEPCAT BAND MEMBERS: Greg Lee (Vocals), Alex Désert (Vocals), Deston Berry (Keys and Vocals), Efren Santana (Tenor Sax), Kincaid Smith (Trumpet, Flugelhorn), Lino Trujillo (Guitar), Greg Narvas (Drums and Percussion)

– John Mairs
13 Stitches Magazine

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