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Sciatic Nerve New Album Out Now – Sciatic Nerve!

by 13 Stitches Magazine
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Get Ready! Sciatic Nerve’s Self-Titled Album Will Blow You Away!

These days it’s hard to find a new punk rock band that respectfully continues the sound a generation grew up listening to, while pushing their own identity in fresh, unexpected directions. Listening to Sciatic Nerve, expect to hear the sound that made you fall in love with punk rock in the first place — minute long bursts of dangerous rock n’ roll that come heavy, fast, high in energy, and low on bullshit. The music is hard, but also melodic, creative, and fun.

In a time when many aging punk rock musicians have either become comfortable writing less inspired records, or have settled into their solo acoustic careers, the members of Sciatic Nerve have done the exact opposite: they have written the fastest, heaviest, most dynamic record they could think up. The experienced musicians in this band decided to start a band without restrictions on their sound other than to be creative, heavy and to write music that’s fun to play.

“I just want to play music that is fun and interesting. I don‘t want to start a band that has to stick to its sound in order to please it‘s fans like we have all had to think about in our other established bands. That’s a major difference for us in this new project – we have no fans, we can do whatever we want, and that feels good. It‘s why we all started playing music in the first place, and it feels good to get back to that.” – Chris Matulich (Singer, Sciatic Nerve)

The days where serious touring punk bands are formed naturally through high school friendships are gone. That sort of organic, authentic formation is something that hasn‘t existed beyond the late 1990s. Having grown up together in Santa Rosa, CA, the members of Sciatic Nerve have been close friends since junior high and it shows. With individual band experience on punk labels such as Fat Wreck Chords, BYO Records, and Red Scare Industries, this is their first band together with no rules and no expectations — and that freedom is clear in the music. Combine 20 years of personal history, talent, creativity, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of a classic genre, and you get Sciatic Nerve. Welcome to the party.


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