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The Flytraps with Man Back, Slaughter Boys, and Vagrant at OC Tavern, San Clemente, CA

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The Flytraps

The Flytraps with Man Back, Slaughter Boys, and Vagrant

July 12th – OC Tavern, San Clemente, CA


The Flytraps headlined the show at OC Tavern in San Clemente at an All Ages Show. I love the All Ages shows because we have high school kids and we’re always looking for opportunities to see punk shows with the kids. OC Tavern is a great location too, plenty of room and an attached patio area for all of the Vapers (lol, sorry, just laughing at that because I remember when everyone smoked cigarettes). The Flytraps are always a great show, very fun to watch Kristin play bass and sing, she’s an amazing performer and has a ton of talent and a primal energy (she never slowed down even though it was super hot and muggy on stage)! Elizabeth and Chloe are aways on each side of Kristin, creating bookends for the band, playing so effortlessly that I still haven’t seen them sweat. Drummer Fabian was drenched as he kept the beat for the band, he was working so hard I thought he was going to mess up his makeup (but he didn’t). As a Guns N’ Roses fan from the 80’s, I really love The Flytraps cover of “Nice Boys” (Rose Tattoo). The crowd loved them and never stopped circling in the pit. I hope you didn’t miss out, if you did, get off your ass and make sure you catch their next show. You can get their EP and Merch here in San Clemente at Power Plant Records!

THE FLYTRAPS – VOX x BASS – Kristin, LEAD GUITAR – Elizabeth, RYTHM GUITAR – Chloe, DRUMS – Fabian

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Man BackMan Back Oc Tavern 2019 3Man BackMan Back
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SLAUGHTER BOYS – Casey Spaz O’Brien (Guitar/Vox), Chris Bieck (Bass/Vox), Nick Barron (Drums)

Slaughter BoysSlaughter BoysSlaughter Boys Oc Tavern 2019 1Slaughter BoysSlaughter BoysSlaughter Boys
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