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The Old Firm Casuals – Punk Rock Bowling 2018

by 13 Stitches Magazine
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The Old Firm Casuals

Punk Rock Bowling 2018

Las Vegas – Sunday, May 27, 2018

I was so stoked when we entered the Fremont Country Club and the Old Firm Casuals was on stage! After being stuck in the elevator at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino for 20 minutes, we got off to a late start. We had rushed from the Main Stage at Punk Rock Bowling and we jumped straight into a waiting elevator. Because everyone was arriving back to the hotel at about the same time, people were piling into the elevator and left us barely enough room to stand in place shoulder to shoulder. We got about 2 floors up and then the elevator just quit. After slowly sinking back down to the ground floor, we called the front desk. People were starting to panic and when we got a person on the other line, they proceeded to interrogate us to ensure we were staying at the hotel and not just random guests. In a unified yell, we all proceeded to say “Fuck You!” get us out of here! The hotel staff didn’t seem fazed by our problem, so like most punk rock McGyvers, we all started trouble-shooting, pulling on the doors, and eventually finding a latch to let us open the elevator and climb out to safety! After getting back to the room and getting our bearings, we rushed out to the Fremont Country Club and to our delight, the Old Firm Casuals were on stage kicking ass. It helped to reset our attitudes and bring us back to our Punk Rock state-of-minds!


1. This Means War
2. Perry Boys
3. Election Day
4. Break Out
5. Off With Their Heads
6. Butcher’s Banquet
7. Lone Wolf
8. A Gang Like Us
9. Born Criminal
10. Apocalypse Redux
11. Wolves of War
12. Sex Case
13. Hell’s a Lot Nicer


– John Mairs
13 Stitches Magazine

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