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UNIT F Release Four Song ‘Super Single’ Human Zoo – New Lineup Announced

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Socio-Political Orange County Dark Punk Band, Unit F, Releases Four Song ‘Super Single’ Human Zoo. Songs included are Memo (To Myself), Human Zoo, Jesus Saves, and It’s Okay.


Unit F Announces the Additions of Drummer Andy David (Failing Up) and Peter Moreno (Carpit) on Bass.


“Yeah 2019 was really good for us in a creative sense” said singer lyricist Mel Schantz. “But then it got a bit tumultuous for the band. There we were on our way to recording a full length, and suddenly all these personal issues began to arise, and we had to hit the pause button. So, we just decided to release the four songs because they were good, topical and represent the kind of direction we are still going in.”


“Guitarist Dave Costa and I put a lot of work into those recordings, and since we were determined to keep going, we felt the release was a good thing. Both [recent additions] Andy David and Pete Moreno were perfect fits… bringing dynamics, obvious talent and a lot of good song writing. We needed to release these tracks so we could get on with new material” said Schantz.

The ‘Super Single’ is self-released, and is entitled Human Zoo and will be available on all the normal digital platforms including the bands website (www.UnitFmusic.com), Bandcamp, CD Baby, and Reverbnation. “I think the songs represent our typical blend of social commentary, the esoteric and some other issues that we have come face to face with” Schantz continued.


Human Zoo SingleHuman Zoo Cd

Memo (to myself) features a rhythmic bass line that morphs into a charged song about the subtle trap of corporate systems that turn on their makers, a surprise break and harmony laden choruses. Human Zoo on the other hand is a slower paced, poignant look at the urban dichotomy of homelessness amidst gentrified Los Angeles, featuring lush harmonies to highlight an apocalyptic reality.

Jesus Saves shows the bands willingness to use a voiced sarcasm to show the blind hypocrisy of religious theocrats and their followers. Using a jaunty, raucous, rock approach to the sound to deliver the punk. The final song is It’s Okay reviews complacency as the delusion which justifies social comfort (“…So you turn around and your life has gone by…”), and features the bands trademark dark chords and punctuated timing breaks which drive the song to a chaotic end.

With 2019 now behind the band, 2020 is proving to be no piece of cake either but for other reasons all together. “Well, there we were, all ready to go-good shows lined up.  Andy was ready, Pete was rocking, and Dave and I were excited. And we were even beginning to think about a new album before….this whole virus crisis turned into the rolling shutdown. Challenging to say the least, as anyone involved with music already knows” Schantz continued. “With the new line up, we can’t wait until we can get out and play again. In the meantime, we’ll hunker down and keep expanding the song writing horizon”. With venues shutdown, festival cancellations and without a definitive timeline for a return to normalcy, Unit F is currently exploring the live stream options. Interestingly, older Unit F material speaks to much of what is happening, and all indications are that the band will offer more reflections on “how we got here and where we are going”.

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