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Spider Releases New Lyric Video for “Energy Gone Wrong”

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Long Beach, CA based punk band Spider has released a new lyric video for the title track of their Energy Gone Wrong EP.

The song captures the unrelenting existential angst of modern life set to the backdrop of nihilistic imagery. Viscerally the track reflects the raw fury of the band. “Energy Gone Wrong” is the soundtrack to being backed up against the wall by life and a response fueled by resiliency, rebellion and a will to make sense of it all.

“I like to let the lyrics speak for themselves, and I try not to deconstruct anything too
much,” Martinez (lead vocalist) states, “but themes of existentialism are usually heavy
and in the forefront. I was a philosophy major in college, so that stuff is always floating
around in the back of my mind and informs my creative side. I wanted to talk about
embracing the power to create under the specter of death. I want to destroy myths, and I
want to have fun! The song is dark, but it’s fun.”

The physical release of the Energy Gone Wrong EP is a limited edition 7” vinyl record offered in clear and white variants.  The release features two original songs, the title track and “The Reeperbahn” plus a cover of Black Flag’s “Depression.”

Since reforming 4 years ago, the band has been on the charge and playing music festivals around the world, Music Tastes Good Festival (US), It’s Not Dead Festival (US), Punk Rock Bowling (US), Rebellion Festival (UK), The Bash (US), Back To Future Festival (DE) plus shows with a variety of legendary punk heavy hitters including Descendents, GBH, Strung Out, CJ Ramone, The Weirdos, TSOL, Fear and The Casualties.


  1. Energy Gone Wrong
  2. Depression
  3. The Reeperbahn

For more information on Spider, visit:



Raw and ferocious and known for their incendiary live shows Southern California based Spider is a visceral and rhythmic band firing on all cylinders. Spider’s personal pedigree boasts former and current members of Channel 3 (Alf Silva), Walk Proud, Legend of the Seagullmen (Karl Izumi), Falling Idols (Greg ‘Mudd’ Lowther) and Bullet Treatment (Hector Martinez). Spider’s sound ranges from insurgent songs that are raw quick and dirty to rhythmic and eerie guitar based songs with dark thundering drums. Like a swift kick to the head and broadcasting with a sense of modern urgency Spider offers an existential blast of nascent punk rock. For fans of Black Flag, The Stooges, Refused, Dead Kennedys, The Bronx, Bad Brains, The Damned, The Germs.

“Punk As Fuck” – OC Weekly
“The sound is raw and powerful” – Suffer Magazine
“Spider’s, “Energy Gone Wrong”, encapsulates the best of a 70s and 80s hardcore theme, while embracing 2019.” – Colorado Punk Rock Army
“With echoes of classics Black Flag and Minor Threat…Spider’s in your face tunes are exactly what punk needs and is missing at the moment” – Stars and Scars
“A slight hint of the sleazier, faster side of The Stooges as heard on Raw Power” – Modern Fix
“unrelenting SoCal hardcore” – Ghettoblaster
“That wicked old school scene with a new revamped edge. Level 10 folks!” – Within Punk Zine
“Spider performed with power and conviction. Raw and ferocious.” – Flipside Magazine
“Spider captures the fury and lyrical honesty of American Punk from the late 70’s.” – Musically Fresh
“No-BS punk ‘n’ roll” – Martin Wong
“Packed with passion and fury and best played loud, if you are a fan of early Black Flag you will definitely approve.” – Punk & Oi in the UK
“classic ’70s punk sound with an unruly hardcore tinge” – No Front Teeth Zine
“classic punk, but half their soul is just pure rock and roll” – IDIOTEQ
“LA Punk like in 1976!” – Trust Magazine

Band Members:
Hector Martinez (vocals), Karl Izumi (guitar, vocals), Alf Silva (drums/vocals), Greg ‘Mudd’ Lowther (bass, vocals)

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