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Anti-Flag at Musink Tattoo Festival in Orange County

by Sarah Tonin
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13 Stitches Magazine

The Pro-Unity Message of Anti-Flag

Musink Tattoo Festival, OC Fairgrounds – March 10th, 2019


Opening their set with “Die for Your Government” was an indicator from the moment they took the stage that Anti-Flag was going for the jugular on issues of social inequality in California’s island of conservatism. Anti-Flag preached a strong message with a hard to ignore delivery. Known for their fervent anti-sexism, anti-racism, and anti-fascism stance, Anti-Flag railed against police brutality, war, homophobia, and sexism as the opening act at Musink on Sunday night, pushing a message of humanity over greed. Anti-Flag has made a name for themselves as social justice warriors over the years, refusing to shy away from controversial topics and from pressure to slow their activism to gain a larger support base, an ideal that they refute by hanging an American flag upside down as their back drop. At a venue with a notably tight and stringent set schedule and in the wake of weekend news that included anti-Semitism, alleged coercion within our government, tax evasion, corporate greed, and nepotism, Anti-Flag gave up stage time to allow Amnesty International to advertise their mission and ask for support, a move that was not only timely and classy, but notable in its modeling of the increasingly visible message in the punk scene today, get off your ass and do something about the injustices we complain about daily. Giving voice to the voiceless and with a clear and unstoppable message of acceptance, Anti-Flag wins over my bleeding liberal heart more every time I see them perform. They are talented, driven, and an inspiration, moving their drums into the pit for their finale and proclaiming, “This is for the people who fight racism with every breath you take”, Anti-Flag continues to unify our extended punk family and motivate action for a better world.

– Sarah Tonin
13 Stitches Magazine


Justin Sane – lead vocals/lead guitar, Chris#2 (Chris Barker) – bass guitar/backing and lead vocals, Chris Head – bass guitar/rhythm guitar/backing vocals, Pat Thetic – drums, percussion

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– John Mairs
13 Stitches Magazine

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