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Barfbag Calls Out The President in Scathing New Politically Charged Hardcore Track “Pornocracy”

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Barfbag - Plastic Age EP

Debut Record, The Plastic Age EP, Out July 13th

Newly formed punk-hardcore band BARFBAG aren’t mencing words. The trio, made up of industry veteran David Bason (vocals) with Brian Viglione (THE DRESDEN DOLLS, THE VIOLENT FEMMES, NINE INCH NAILS) on drums and Kenny Carkeet (AWOLNATION) on guitar and production, has taken aim at the President in their latest, seething song, “Pornocracy.” On the eve of the Reality Star’s birthday, they’re brazenly calling out his hypocrisy, lies and total lack of empathy he’s displayed through his term in office. At a time when the country is spiralling into chaos with no real leadership, music with purpose and a voice for revolution and change has never been more vital. BARFBAG is here to lead the charge.


Statement regarding “Pornocracy” from BARFBAG:

‘Fuck the Pornocracy. Steal the kleptocracy. Don’t idolize the rich, their kids don’t go to war.’

During a national crisis the President hid in the bunker for a week before emerging. He didn’t meet with black leaders. He didn’t address that this breaking point was reached due to another police involved murder. He didn’t offer any words of solidarity. He offered no solution. Rather, he vilified a segment of our own population who have grown tired  of watching their loved ones killed.

For those looking down their nose at unrest, remember that there are several incidents in this country when violence has sparked change for the better and helped achieve political goals. Let’s not tell people how to protest or how to express themselves.

The shot heard around the world, the American Revolution started with a gunfight against oppressors.

The Nat Turner led American slave rebellion was a bloody necessity.

The Black Panthers’ cop-watching patrols were armed out of necessity and self-defense. They became an important part of the American civil rights movement. Stonewall Riots that gave way to the LGBT movement was a brick throwing incident.

Through the lens of history, stealing a pair of sneakers will not be seen as the issue. The conditions that led to the revolution will be the issue. The French Revolution, that gave birth the very freedom American has always aspired to begin with rioting, looting and striking. Storming the Bastille was not peaceful but it showed that people hold the power not the elite. And remember The French Revolution went on a for a decade, this won’t be over tomorrow simply because you want it to be. Stomaching this is hard but it’s necessary.

Civil unrest is a longstanding way for oppressed people to express themselves using the means they have at their disposal. So rather than ask what it accomplishes to break a window, ask yourself how that individual has been oppressed.

This is a moment in the nation’s history that needs to happen. If you don’t understand the rage then you should consider yourself fortunate. Revolutions are not rosy and they don’t end when you want them to but if they don’t happen change will not come.



BARFBAG was born when Bason was confused by the lack of protest records that were being released in such a politically charged time. He tuned out the social media scream, brushed up on his history, revisited his philosophy books, ingested hundreds of political podcasts and set out to write an album that documented his reaction to his environment. There is strength in numbers so he asked his old buddies to help.

Carkeet and Viglione became Bason’s trusted musical partner. Bason had signed the Dresden Dolls when he was an A&R man for Roadrunner Records. With the comfort of a longstanding friendship, a shared love for and deep knowledge of punk rock, it was the perfect working relationship. Brian proved to be a prolific writer in addition to playing drums, guitar and bass on all songs.  Another trusted friend, Joe Cardamone (THE ICARUS LINE) mixed the record.

The record touches on everything from fascism, media manipulation, oppression and human trafficking to Morrissey being a hypocrite and the failing public school system.

Follow the band at https://www.facebook.com/barfbagg/ for more updates.

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