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Corporate Citizen – Brand New Record “A Brief Moment of Sanity”

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Corporate Citizen – Brand New Record “A Brief Moment of Sanity”

“The blend of East and West Coast is a big part of what catches your ear”
– Rocktoc.com
“Bands like these that make you want to grab your skateboard and grind your neighbor’s porch after school” – straightandalert.com

Corporate Citizen is heavily influenced by melodic hardcore reminiscent of bands from the 90’s. The band consists of Dan Achin (Drums), Hal Hannon (Bass), Bob Meder (Vocals), Steve O’Brien (Guitar) and Louis Ramsey (Guitar). All the members draw from their years of playing music and touring with bands such as Grey Area, Crown of Thornz, and Pridebowl. In the fall of 2017, the band released the “What Would He Do?” EP and played extensively in San Diego opening for bands such as The Freeze and Ignite.

“Corporate Citizens album “A Brief Moment Of Sanity” is an incredible giant surprise to this reviewer. The band chants and harmonizes through this album with a fluidity only prone to hardcore punk.” – Colorado Punk Rock Army
“It is always a pleasure to discover a band that you have never heard of before who exceed your expectations and Corporate Citizen have done just that. The band adds intelligence and balance to their style. I like them, I like them a lot!” – ineffecthardcore.com

Their new record – “A Brief Moment of Sanity” is the first full length and is being distributed by El Topo Records. The new album is a progression from the “loud, fast, rules” feel of the “What Would He Do?” EP to a more polished, focused set of songs. The music can sometimes be considered post-hardcore to the traditional hardcore punk. The lyrics center around navigating everyday life as well as society at large. Song themes range from nostalgia for the past to dealing with interpersonal relationships to the current political climate. The songs are honest and to the point and leave little room for abstract interpretation.


Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizen blends a high-energy live show with music that will get you pogoing or picking up the change but always having a good time. “A Brief Moment of Sanity” will remind you why you still listen to the hardcore of your youth.

Digital Album Release: ‘A Brief Moment of Sanity’ by Corporate Citizen
Release date: 13 April 2019

Facebook: facebook.com/corporatecitizen2017
Instagram: @corporatecitizensd
Twitter: twitter.com/CorporateCitzen

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