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Punk Rock Bowling – Day 3 with Specials, The Hives, Dead Boys, Teenage Bottlerocket, Shame, and more!

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Punk Rock Bowling – Day 3 (Monday)

Las Vegas, May 24-27, 2019

Day 3 of Punk Rock Bowling 2019 with Specials, The Hives, Dead Boys, Teenage Bottlerocket, Shame, and more!


The Hives

THE HIVES BAND MEMBERS: Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist (Per Almqvist) – lead vocals, piano; Nicholaus Arson (Niklas Almqvist) – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals; Vigilante Carlstroem (Mikael Karlsson) – guitar, organ, backing vocals; Chris Dangerous (Christian Grahn) – drums, percussion, backing vocals; The Johan and Only (Johan Gustafsson) – bass guitar


Dead Boys Reign as Monarchs of PRB… Again!

In spite of rumor that Jake Hout had a bad cold when he took the stage on day three of Punk Rock Bowling, I saw no sign of Dead Boys’ charismatic front man slowing down. In fact, he made the large outdoor area around the Bridger stage feel like it was the tight and intimate club stages that we have become accustomed to seeing Dead Boys on over the past year. Dead Boys quickly found their pacing, and with it a highly motivated Hout who proceeded to crawl off the stage to join his adoring fans up close and personal; leaning in, through, and on to the enthusiastic crowd. The on-stage chemistry between Jake Hout, Johnny Blitz, Ricky Rat, and Jason Kottwitz is special; it’s as if this version of Dead Boys had always been the line up with a fun camaraderie among the band members. But, Jake Hout and Cheetah Chrome share a special and visible bond; like brothers in war. They exude a respect and love for one another that is impossible to miss and it is this special relationship that makes Dead Boys so much fun to see live. One can feel the enthusiasm and see the fun that they are having on stage. Most importantly, you can easily see that they are as grateful for their fans as their fans are for them. It’s like a huge admiration orgy and it’s infectious! Dead Boys were so engaging that the majority of the crowd stayed for the entire set, missing the opening half of the highly anticipated Specials without remorse. I thought the night had seen its highlight when Jake climbed the light scaffolding to hover precariously over the stage, but I was wrong. The highlight of the night came when Cheetah Chrome hopped the anxious performers line at Punk Rock Karaoke at the Freemont Country Club and knocked out the vocals of the evening by singing Search and Destroy (Stooges), kicking off another unbelievably energetic Punk Rock Bowling club event!

DEAD BOYS BAND MEMBERS: Cheetah Chrome (lead guitar), Johnny Blitz (drums), Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz (rhythm guitar), Ricky Rat (bass), Jake Hout (vocals)


The Stranglers

THE STRANGLERS BAND MEMBERS: Jet Black (drums), J J Burnel (bass, backing vocals), Dave Greenfield (keyboards, backing vocals), Baz Warne (guitar, backing vocals), Jim Macauley (touring-drummer)


Teenage Bottlerocket

TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET BAND MEMBERS: Ray Carlisle (rhythm and lead guitar/lead vocals), Kody Templeman (lead/rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Miguel Chen (bass guitar, backing vocals), Darren Chewka (drums, backing vocals)


The Undertones

THE UNDERTONES BAND MEMBERS: John O’Neill (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Michael Bradley (bass guitar, keyboards, lead and backing vocals), Billy Doherty (drums), Damian O’Neill (lead guitar, keyboards and backing vocals), Paul McLoone (lead vocals)


The Toasters

THE TOASTERS BAND MEMBERS: Robert “Bucket” Hingley (vocals, guitar),  Gilbert Covarrubias (trombone), Nathan Koch (sax), Tim Karns (bass)



SHAME BAND MEMBERS: Eddie Green, Charlie Forbes, Josh Finerty, Sean Coyle-Smith, Charlie Steen



RAVAGERS BAND MEMBERS: Alex Hagen • Matt Gabs • Curt Schmelz • Ray Peters


Night Birds

NIGHT BIRDS BAND MEMBERS: joe / brian / pj / darick


Faz Waltz

FAZ WALTZ BAND MEMBERS: Faz La Rocca (vocals,guitar,piano), Diego Angelini (bass), Marco Galimberti (drums)


The Radiator Rattlers

THE RADIATOR RATTLERS BAND MEMBERS: Frankie Piessens (Electric Guitar/Vocals), Kenny Turner (Washboard/ Vocals), Matt Pepp (Banjo/Vocals), Travis Boucher (Mandolin/Vocals), Carla Kray Pierce (Acoustic Guitar/Accordion), Luke Williams (Drums/Heys), Jonee Earthquake (Pedal Steel)


Madé J


Mystery Actions

MYSTERY ACTIONS BAND MEMBERS: Nikki (Vocals), Lucy (Guitar), Mary Rose (Drums), Sarah (Bass Guitar)


– Sarah Tonin
13 Stitches Magazine

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