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Harker’s ‘No Discordance’ Out Now

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Harker’s ‘No Discordance’ Out Now

Brighton, UK punk rock powerhouse HARKER recently released their debut album ‘No Discordance’ and the reviews are in.

What others are saying about Harker’s “No Discordance”:

“…the first great punk record of 2018..”– Alreadyheard
“No Discordance is a beauty. It’s a punk thriller. Harker are gifted. Their music highlights punk at its best. Their honest heart-pullers are beautiful.”– Punkanormal Activity
“Reminded me of some of the early 1990s punk from the likes of Husker Du and The Meat Puppets…”– Punk Online
“Don’t sleep on this album; you’re unlikely to find a UK punk album that hits this hard for a while now.”– The Soundboard Reviews
“…infectious pop-punk tunes with teeth.”– ThePunkSite
“An album packed with energy and biting lyrics, Harker return with a fantastic album that highlights their skill of making songs that keep it real and melodies that keep your attention – this is a band I already need to hear more from…”– Thinking Lyrically
“we get a real Seaway meets Jimmy Eat World vibe, and that’s one gnarly combo” – MOSH
“a full fleshed-out ruckus punk rock assault” – Already Heard

Harker Album

Released via Wiretap Records in the US, ‘No Discordance’ is available for purchase at: http://wiretaprecords.limitedrun.com/products/606317-harker-no-discordance-lp.

Harker are:
Mark Boniface– guitar & vocals
Phoebe Saunders – bass & vocals
Tony Ware – guitar
Matt Claxton – drums

Harker online:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HRKRUK/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HRKRUK
Web: http://www.hrkr.co.uk/

Follow Wiretap Records at https://www.facebook.com/wiretaprecords.

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