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The Murder City Devils with The Intelligence at the Observatory in Santa Ana

by Sarah Tonin
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Murder City Devils

The Murder City Devils

Observatory, Santa Ana – Monday August 12, 2019

Murder City Devils has had their share of problems since their debut album in 1997. Seattle locals, this band reigns from the 90’s Grunge scene, recording on Sub Pop Records during the height of their career. Unfortunately, the band met an early demise, ending their partnership abruptly in the early 2000’s. Monday night’s show was highly anticipated by Orange County fans, many of whom have waited to see them live since they released their most recent album in 2014. In spite of their obviously 90’s sound, Murder City Devils hails from a different cloth than other Washington State heroes. The Murder City Devils have a unique, Garage Punk, sound. Spencer Moody (vocals) put on a good show, keeping the audience engaged by involving them constantly, singing with them and staying within arms reach of the enthusiastic fans at all times. Derek Fudesco’s punk background brought a fast and hard bass sound to the music and Coady Willis was a standout on drums. In all, Murder City Devils did not disappoint.


THE MURDER CITY DEVILS BAND MEMBERS: Spencer Moody (vocals), Dann Gallucci (guitar), Derek Fudesco (bass), Coady Willis (drums), Nate Manny (guitar, bass)

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THE INTELLIGENCE BAND MEMBERS: Lars Finberg (vocals and guitar, drums, keyboards, drum machine), Dave Hernandez (guitar), Drew Church (bass guitar), Kaanan Tupper (drums)

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– Sarah Tonin
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