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Plague Vendor – Constellation Room 2015

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December 11, 2015
Constellation Room, Santa Ana

Plague Vendor is a high energy, infectious, creative group of musicians. They are really fun to see live and there is no shortage of places you may have seen/heard them – from shows with bands like the Deftones, Muse, Iggy Pop, Jello Biafra, Social Distortion, and more. Their song “Black Sap Scriptures” is the theme song for the newest version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, or perhaps you heard them on Sirius Radio where they were interviewed by Cullen on Faction (with Jason Ellis)! Last February they opened for Bad Religion, which probably explains why I got to meet Jay Bentley this past Friday night (fuck yeah!). When I was talking to Jay about Plague Vendor (yeah, that’s right, I was hanging with Jay) he was telling me how this group can hold their own with the Bad Religion crowds, which not every band can do. Most opening bands are met with skepticism and/or criticism as the audience is usually there to see one band… Bad Religion. However, Plague Vendor was winning over fanatic (yet awesome) Bad Religion fans after just a couple songs. I love the energy of Plague Vendor’s lead singer Brandon Blaine… he’s all over the stage, stretching and jumping around like a yoga master wearing a blind fold. Plague Vendor’s music has everything from frenetic melodies to Brandon’s high ranging vocals to great energizing guitar riffs by Jay Rogers that mix in some Dick Dale type “Surf Guitar” licks. I don’t want to leave anybody out, so here is the entire lineup… Brandon Blaine [vocals], Jay Rogers [guitar], Michael Perez [bass], and Luke Perine [drums] all come together to give this band a well-rounded vibe, they are really outstanding. My only regret is that they didn’t turn on a few more lights so I could get some sharper images, but that just means I get to go see them again!

John Mairs –
13 Stitches Magazine

CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY – Plague Vendor performing at The Constellation Room at The Observatory in Santa Ana – December 11, 2015. Photo gallery features images from the show. If you were at the show be sure to submit a user review!

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