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Punk Rock Bowling – Day 2 with Descendents, Refused, Street Dogs, Adolescents, Drug Church

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Punk Rock Bowling – Day 2 (Sunday)

Las Vegas, May 24-27, 2019

Descendents Headline Day 2 of Punk Rock Bowling, 2019

The highly anticipated performance by the Descendents came amidst cool temperatures, high winds, and light rain on the second day of the 2019 Punk Rock Bowling Festival in Downtown Las Vegas. The crowded festival participants held their ground to brave the elements for their beloved band – the Descendents delivered a fantastic performance. Singing at the top of their lungs while dancing, the festival goers loved every minute of the Descendents set and left day two of Punk Rock Bowling more energized than they were when they came through the gates at the start of day one. I am always blown away at the endurance of PRB fans and enlightened by their dedication to bands like the Descendents, who are among the founding fathers of our genre’s diverse sounds.
DESCENDENTS BAND MEMBERS: Karl Alvarez  (Bass), Stephen Egerton (Guitar), Bill Stevenson (Drums), Milo Aukerman (Vocals)



REFUSED BAND MEMBERS: Dennis Lyxzén (lead vocals), David Sandström (drums), Kristofer Steen (guitars), Magnus Flagge (bass)


Bridger Street Parties with Street Dogs!

Boston based Street Dogs ripped the Bridger stage wide open at day two of Punk Rock Bowling. Street Dogs never disappoint with their upbeat working class message and their endless energy. The chemistry among the members of Street Dogs is notable with Mike McColgan (vocals), Pete Sosa (drums), and Johnny Rioux (bass) exuding a brotherly admiration for one another. Hands down, one of the nicest guys on the punk scene, Lenny Lashley (rhythm guitar) brings an even fuller sound to Matt Pruitt’s (guitar) with tight, working class Boston punk riffs. This band is deeply in tune with what today’s low-middle class punk fans are living through; the union struggles, the barely above poverty level wages, and the daily grind – living just between making it and losing everything while fighting to hold on to who you are. Street Dogs’ songs are peppered with stories of the everyday American who is fighting to live their best life in the shadow of corporate America and its deep reach. Songs like “Stand for Something or Die for Nothing”, “Not Without a Purpose”, and “Punk Rock and Roll” have propelled Street Dogs beyond party or politically angry punk band and into the hearts of hard core and punk enthusiasts alike. Well received by the Punk Rock Bowling concert goers at last night’s event, Street Dogs delivered another memorable performance, ranking them among the best performances of the festival so far.

STREET DOGS BAND MEMBERS: Mike McColgan (Lead Vocals), Johnny Rioux (Bass), Matt Pruitt (Guitar), Lenny Lashley (Guitar), Pete Sosa (Drums)



ADOLESCENTS BAND MEMBERS: Tony Reflex (lead vocals), Dan Root (guitar), Mike Cambra (drums), Ian Taylor (rhythm guitar), Brad Logan (bass guitar)


Fucked Up

FUCKED UP BAND MEMBERS: Mike Haliechuk (lead guitar), Sandy Miranda (bass guitar, vocals), Josh Zucker (vocals, guitar), Damian Abraham (vocals), Jonah Falco (drums), Ben Cook (guitar, vocals)


The Vandals

THE VANDALS BAND MEMBERS: David Quackenbush (Vocals), Warren Fitzgerald (Guitar), Joe Escalante (bass), Josh Freese (drums)


Drug Church



The Coathangers

THE COATHANGERS BAND MEMBERS: Crook Kid Coathanger (vox | guitar), Minnie Coathanger (vox | bass), Rusty Coathanger (vox | drums)


Sloppy Seconds

SLOPPY SECONDS BAND MEMBERS: B.A. (vocals), Ace “Spice” Hardwhere (guitars), Bo’Ba Jam (bass), Steve Sloppy (drums) 

– Sarah Tonin
13 Stitches Magazine

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