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Punk Rock Bowling – Opening Day with Turbulent Hearts, Lower Class Brats, Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Rancid, and More!

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Punk Rock Bowling (Saturday 2 of 2)

Las Vegas, May 24-27, 2019

Punk Rock Bowling – Opening Day with Turbulent Hearts, Lower Class Brats, Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Rancid, and More!

Punk Rock Bowling kicked off their first day of the festival with a stellar line up. This is part 2 of our Saturday coverage from Punk Rock Bowling. Rancid was the headliner, also included in this summary are Turbulent Hearts, Maid of Ace, Lower Class Brats, Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Pietasters, Informal Society,  The Droogettes, and Perkele. Next up are some bands from the Saturday Club Shows, so stay tuned!


Turbulent Hearts

TURBULENT HEARTS BAND MEMBERS: Suzi Moon – Mark Johnson – Jay Skowronek

I loved Turbulent Hearts, and I knew it was going to be a good show because there were some big names lining up early on the side-stage to get a good vantage point. Viewing from the side was none other than the famous Punk Rock artist Chris Shary… oh, and Tim Armstrong was there too. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed. As you can see in several of the photos below, Suzi Moon rocks super hard! Now I know why she brings her own microphone, I can’t imaging singing as close to the mic as she does while using a borrowed microphone (ewww). I got a chance to meet Suzi at the festival, by the main stage, and she is as friendly as she is talented. Great show, don’t miss them!


Maid of Ace

MAID OF ACE BAND MEMBERS: Alison C Elliott (Lead Vocals/ Guitar), Anna C Elliott (Lead Guitar/ Vocals), Amy C Elliott (Bass/ Vocals), Abby C Elliott (Drums)


Lower Class Brats


Lower Class Brats are exactly what I want in a Punk Rock band! Great songs, great band members, great show! Bones uses every inch of the stage, the barrier fence, as well as the audience during a performance, so you need to be alert or you may miss Bones jumping over your head mid-song. Especially classic are the riffs and power-stances of Marty, Zed, and Ron. The band is super tight!


Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One

I love Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One and Saturday we got to hear Lenny play guitar/play harmonica/and sing some epic tunes. We have the most recent album “All Are Welcome” and we’ve been playing it regularly. One song from the second stage at Punk Rock Bowling was Bruiser (“Live Like Lions”). I didn’t realize that Bruiser was the name of Lenny’s dog that had passed away and I was totally moved close to tears when Lenny played it. I was emotionally moved. Lenny is a great musician, a funny human being (he had so much sunscreen on at the pool I’m surprised he didn’t slide off the lounge chair), and a truly kind and friendly person. Be sure to catch Gang of One and don’t miss Lenny in his other band Street Dogs!


Dance Your Ass Off! – Pietasters

The East Coast’s Pietasters are a fun Ska/Reggae band and they had the crowd at the PRB Bridger stage dancing their asses off! With an impressive stage of musicians, Pietasters featured saxophone, trombone, and trumpet riffs that made for a full and fun sound. With Flag starting on the main stage, I didn’t stay for more than three songs, but I felt they were worth of a shout out based on the songs I saw. Particularly worthy of mention was the reaction of the crowd to their upbeat and relaxed sound, they were loving it!

PIETASTERS BAND MEMBERS: Steve Jackson – vocals, Joe Ross – guitar, Ben Treat – guitar, Jorge Pezzimenti – guitar, Alan Makranczy – tenor saxophone, Erick Raecke – bari saxophone, Jeremy Roberts – trombone, Carlos Linares – trumpet, Rob Steward – drums, Dan Schneider – keyboards, Dave Vermillion – bass


Informal Society

INFORMAL SOCIETY BAND MEMBERS: Skunk (Guitar/Back Up Vox), Junks (Vox Debauchery), Pedz (Bass/Harmonies), Aaron (Drums)


The Droogettes

THE DROOGETTES BAND MEMBERS: Jenn (Vocals), Elija (Guitar), Rachel (Bass), Ginger (Drums)

The Droogettes were a fun, all-girl, punk band on the main stage. I want to take this moment to wish Ginger and her fiancé (now husband) nothing but the best. From what I understand, they were planning to get married in Las Vegas during Punk Rock Bowling. Also worth mentioning are the great facial expressions on Rachel’s face 😉


The Skints

THE SKINTS BAND MEMBERS: Jon Doyle (Bass), Jamie Kyriakides (Drums/Vocals), Josh Waters Rudge (Guitar/Vocals), Marcia Richards (Keys/Sax/Flute/Melodica/Samples/Vocals)



PERKELE BAND MEMBERS: Ron (Guitar and Lead Vocal), John (Drums and Vocal), Chris (Bass and Vocal)



RANCID BAND MEMBERS: Tim Armstrong (Vocals/Guitar), Lars Frederiksen (Vocals/Guitar), Matt Freeman (Bass Guitar), Branden Steineckert (Drums)

Rancid shows are consistently great. From the amazing talent of Matt Freeman on bass guitar, the hard and heavy vocals and guitar playing of Lars Frederiksen, the energetic percussion of Branden (I love his black yeti), to Tim’s beat up guitar – epic jumps off the Rancid box – wild beard – classic New York sounding punk rock voice. You never have to worry about the set-list with Rancid, they are one of those bands where you either know each song or you are stoked to hear it because you want to add it to the collection of other Rancid greats in your music collection. I’ve seen Rancid several times, I plan to see Rancid several more times, and if you were there to see them at Punk Rock Bowling you weren’t disappointed. Rancid rules!

SETLIST: Roots Radicals, Radio, Journey to the End, Maxwell Murder, The 11th Hour, Last One to Die, East Bay Night, Dead Bodies, Black & Blue, Ghost of a Chance, Telegraph Avenue, Old Friend, Where I’m Going, Nihilism, Tenderloin, Listed M.I.A., Olympia WA., It’s Quite Alright, Fall Back Down. ENCORE: Lock Step & Gone, Time Bomb, Ruby Soho.





– Sarah Tonin
13 Stitches Magazine

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