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Silverado Showdown – Nekromantix, Throw Rag, The Delta Bombers and More

by Steve Allen
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Throw Rag

Silverado Showdown was held at the Oak Canyon Park and featured performances from Nekromantix, Throw Rag, The Delta Bombers, and more on Saturday, May 15th, 2021.

There was a Classic Car expo,  Food Trucks, & Vendors. There were plenty of tasty food available, and yes, vegan options were also available. The Silverado Showdown was one of the first Live Music events to be held since live music had to shutdown due to the pandemic. For the most part, patrons and participants said it was almost a back to normal environment. There weren’t a lot of face-masks and people weren’t trying to social-distance (for the most part), but Oak Canyon Park is a great outdoor location with plenty of space. Does this mean that Live Events are officially back? I sure hope so, but if last year has taught us anything, it’s that we never can predict what’s going to happen. At least now we have the vaccination, so hopefully we won’t be facing anymore lock-downs!

We tried to reach out to Brew Ha Ha productions to get their perspective of what seemed like a great event, but they must be busy planning their next show! We’ll try to catch up with them in the near future. Below are some image galleries featuring some amazing captures from the show by amazing photographer Steve Allen (Instagram: @thisisrocknrollphoto).

– John Mairs
13 Stitches Magazine






Greg Antista

Photo: Steve Allen @thisisrocknrollphoto



Wolf Delta Bombers

Photo: Steve Allen @thisisrocknrollphoto




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