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Spit Stix and Lee Ving of Fear Take Command

by Sarah Tonin
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Spit Stix and Lee Ving of Fear Take Command

Surf City Blitz

Huntington Beach, CA – Saturday, October 27

Any day that starts with a live performance by Fear featuring original band members, Spitz Stix on drums and Lee Ving on vocals is going to be a fucking great day! Ving sounds amazing! His performance at Surf City Blitz was reminiscent of a late 80’s Ving at the helm of the legendary band in their hay day. He was filled with passion for the music and a transparent love of being on stage in front of fans that were clearly enamored by his presence. Fear sounded amazing, playing my personal favorites, “Living in the City” and “Let’s Have a War”. I would have paid extra to see another set by this legendary band. Venue promoters, 35 minutes was not enough time; Fear left us wanting more!

FEAR BAND MEMBERS: Lee Ving (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Philo Cramer (Lead Guitar), Spit Stix (Drums), Geoff Kresge (Bass), Eric Razo (Guitar)


1. Fuck You Let’s Rodeo
2. Honor and Obey
3. I Believe I’ll Have Another Beer
4. Beef Bologna
5. Camarillo
6. Let’s Have a War
7. Null Detector
8. Foreign Policy
9. We Destroy the Family
10. Gimme Some Action
11. I Don’t Care About You
12. Fresh Flesh
13. No More Nothing
14. More Beer

– Sarah Tonin
13 Stitches Magazine

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