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Suzi Moon Debut Album “Dumb & In Luv”

Pre-Orders Available Now

by 13 Stitches Magazine
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With the release of her “Animal” EP, Vive Le Rock called Suzi Moon “the new queen of punk rock” and there is nothing that could be more appropriate for her.

Suzi Moon - Dumb &Amp; In LuvRiding high from the success of her first two releases, Moon has announced her debut full-length album “Dumb & In Luv” and it is now available for pre-order!

“Dumb & In Luv” was mostly written and recorded before Moon’s two EPs but it is a cohesive album front to back that evokes a sound “baked in the California sunshine.”

This album is available in 3 different versions and every order comes with a free sticker!



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