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Supersuckers & The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs Frontmen Unite!

Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer Team up for Motherfuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Supersuckers & The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs Frontmen Unite!

Set for Release on Oct 12, 2021 via Kitten Robot Records

Listen to First Single “I Think It Sucks (And I Don’t Like It)”

Little did the world know that when Supersuckers took the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs out on tour for the first time back in 1999, the leaders of these two infamous punk rock ‘n’ roll acts would remain pals and collaborators for over two decades! The evidence of this wild and rowdy union is all over their debut album Motherfuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll, a 10-song splatter-platter of dirty hard rock, chainsaw punk, outlaw country, and catchy hook-laden power-pop earworms by Eddie Spaghetti and Frank Meyer.

“Frank and I met in the before-times,” jokes ‘Suckers founder Spaghetti, “before all this COVID stuff kinda put everything on hold. Ours bands toured together a bunch over the years and we always stayed amigos, occasionally playing on some songs together over the years. But when Supersuckers had to cancel our European tour in 2020 due to the travel restrictions from COVID, I suddenly had a lot of unexpected time on my hands.”

Initially recorded during COVID when their bands were on break from the road, the first sessions yielded the Spaghetti-penned “Shit’s Fucked” and an updated cover of Tom Petty’s “Jammin’ Me,” both released via Acetate Records in 2020. The politically charged songs found the guys trading lead vocals, as Eddie thumped on bass and Frank ripped on guitars, backed by Cheetahs drummer Mike Sessa.

I Think It Sucks (And I Don't Like It)Stream here

“The sessions started off in GarageBand at my apartment in Long Beach,” says Meyer. “Eddie and I would trade ideas over the phone or email, then he’d cruise up from San Diego to record his parts and I’d do the rest. Eventually we decided to go into a real studio to add live drums and bass and get a bigger sound on some stuff. Engineer Paul Roessler (The Screamers, 45 Grave) and Mike Sessa really helped take it to the next level.”

“Frank is the studio wizard,” adds Spaghetti. “I’d play these rough ideas into my phone and send it to him, and a few days later he’d have these fully produced demos up and running, with keyboards, guitars, drums, and everything. Soon we had enough material to head over to Kitten Robot Studios and turn it into a real album.”

Spaghetti and Frank continued writing, starting with the snarling title-track “Motherfuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll,” which finds the guys trading vocal lines and threats, and sounding exactly what you would think a mix of the ‘Suckers and Cheetahs might sound like: two-fisted, barn-burnin’, law abusin’ kick ass rawk! Spaghetti brought the moody “Top Shelf Shame” to the table, dusted off a swaggerin’ glam rock gem from his ‘80s band Thai Pink called “Tattletale,” and penned the first single, “I Think It Sucks (And I Don’t Like It).”

Meanwhile, Meyer brought in the Cars vs, Cheap Trick power-pop of “Relationshipwreck” and “Knock My Teeth Out,” the raucous “Barroom Brawl,” and the countrified “You Can’t Take It Back.” There are also two covers by classic ‘80s bands on the album, a slammin’ “My Sharona” by the Knack and a revved up “Heartache” by KIX. Better still, they got Knack lead guitarist Burton Averre to recreate his iconic solo from the beloved hit and Brian “Damage” Forsythe from KIX to play the leads in “Heartache.” For two rock nerds like Spaghetti & Frank, this was a major coup.

“I have always said that ‘My Sharona’ is the greatest song of all-time,” declares Spaghetti, “which is why I never had the nerve to cover it. It’s just so perfect. But when we found out we could get Burton Averre to play lead guitar on it, we knew we HAD to do it!

Supersuckers &Amp; The Streetwalkin' CheetahsMotherfuckin’ Rock ‘N’ Roll
Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer

  1. Motherfuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll
  2. I Think It Sucks (And I Don’t Like It)
  3. Knock My Teeth Out
  4. Top Shelf Shame
  5. My Sharona
  6. Relationshipwreck
  7. Tattletale
  8. Heartache
  9. You Can’t Take It Back
  10. Barroom Brawl

“KIX is a band both Eddie and I love to nerd out about,” Meyer chimes in. “We both know Brian, and Eddie even produced an album by his other band Rhino Bucket, so it made sense to ask him to play on our KIX cover. But once he said yes, we kept sending him more songs and he ended up playing all over the album!”

Once the album was completed, the guys set out to pick and single a shoot a promo clip. The recently released music video for the first single “I Think It Sucks” was directed by Meyer — an award-winning film and TV director who also directed the “Jammin’ Me” video — was shot at The Good Bar & Eatery in Long Beach and features the ladies of local dance troop Booty Burlesque. “We wanted to make a video where the ladies turn the tables on the guys,” says Meyer. “These gals are just trying to run a bar and serve folks their food and drink, but all the obnoxious dudes are just relentlessly hitting on them and being jerks. One by one, the ladies get the one-over the lunkhead guys and by the end are happily taking shots while counting their tips and stacking their loot.

Motherfuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll will be released October 12 via Josie’s Cotton’s Kitten Robot Records. The first single, “I Think It Sucks (And I Don’t Like It),” hits radio September 21. With the concert scene opening back up, both Supersuckers and the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs will be hitting the road in 2021 and beyond, including some Cali dates together, having just played Alex’s Bar in Long Beach & the SoCal Hoedown Festival in San Pedro, which follows a series of acoustic dates Spaghetti & Frank played throughout the summer. More live dates, music videos, singles and general badassery coming soon.


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